Zelana Montminy

Speaking Engagements

Whether it’s to an audience of academics discussing the latest health research and trends, to a group of parents and children, or to a group of CEOs seeking to optimize in-house team performance, Dr. Z’s message of resilience, positivity, and wellness resonates with all. She regularly speaks at conferences and retreats and to various academic, business, and non-profit institutions on topics such as Positive Psychology and Health.

In all her engagements, Dr. Z shares her passion, knowledge, and the tools an audience needs to achieve a better quality of life at home, in the workplace, and beyond.

Topics covered include:

“21 Days to Resilience”

Research at the Duckworth Lab at the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center has established that resilience correlates with success more often than talent. How can you achieve true resilience in your life? Dr. Z will share with you her tips and recommendations for embodying true grit and resilience and getting your life on a path to real and vital success. Explore the concepts in Dr. Montminy’s upcoming book 21 Days to Resilience, on sale April 5 from HarperCollins, and enjoy a unique opportunity to connect with the author personally on this transformative topic.

“Resilience in the Workplace”

Did you know that employees with a positive mindset have 31 percent higher productivity, 37 percent higher sales, and three times the creativity of employees without a positive mindset? In this talk, Dr. Zelana Montminy will share the actionable tools and knowledge you need to train yourself to be more resilient and positively impact your career and future.

“Resilience for Parents & Children”

How can parents learn resilience in the home and pass that on to children? Studies have shown that positive parenting impacts multiple generations, allowing children to develop into well-socialized adults with stronger self-esteem and then pass on these traits to their own children. Dr. Montminy will share a wealth of information on how to manifest positivity and resilience in the home and transform your family.

“Nutrition & Psychology”

How can you reframe your thinking around food and achieve better health and wellness? Recent studies, including one run at the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, have established the link between positive mood and healthier food choices. Benefit from Dr. Montminy’s extensive experience in psychology and nutrition to learn to make healthier food choices and transform your health.

For more information, go to http://www.harpercollinsspeakersbureau.com/speaker/dr-zelana-montminy/. For booking requests, please use our contact form or reach out to Natalie Duncan at the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau, (ph) 212-207-7100, speakersbureau@harpercollins.com

Speaking Engagements – Testimonials


“It was so refreshing working with Dr. Zelana Montminy on developing a Health and Happiness program which she flawlessly delivered during an annual Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Regional Leadership Conference. Her knowledge, passion, and creativity allowed us to take it one step further – we served foods during breakfast and breaks that support Dr. Montminy’s research. It was a great experience for all participants.”

Elizabeth Griffin, Regional Director,
YPO-WPO Pacific U.S.

"Dr. Z demonstrates the correlation between healthy eating and happiness in an entertaining fashion and with compelling scientific arguments that gets the entire audience engaged. We all left energized ready to change our habits to promote a healthier happier lifestyle."

David Nathanson, General Manager,
Fox Soccer Channel

"I recently had the pleasure of participating in a personal development session facilitated by Dr. Zelana Montminy during a business meeting. We were introduced to Dr. Z’s work about resilience, participated in an exploration, and shared our experiences with the group. Under Dr. Z’s intense gaze and thoughtful questioning, challenges were met, revelations were made, and we all left with tools for the future – all in just 60 minutes. I’ve already pre-purchased my copy of her new book and greatly look forward to implementing her program for a happier future!"

Laurie Cantagallo
Regional Manager

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